Knowledge Globalization Conference, 13th International Knowledge Globalization Confernece 2018

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Higher Education: National Vs International exposure to expand knowledge: A Study on the university students of Bangladesh.

Laila Habib

Last modified: 2018-01-13


Higher education for students in Bangladesh is considered as a luxury. Students who can afford to get the higher education are more part of the more fortunate population of the society. The research is based on the perception of Bangladeshi students and their tendency to move abroad for higher education at the tertiary level. The research concentrates extensively on the perception, dedication, motivation and also the support of family members towards education development.  A qualitative method of research has been employed in this study through interviews with prospective students who are willing to go abroad for studies. The other factors that have been considered are the cultural changes, learning new languages as well as traveling.  In addition, the Bangladesh institutions should also think about integrating their education curriculum and learning environment to standardize with other international institutions hence following the trend of globalization and internationalization.