Knowledge Globalization Conference, 13th International Knowledge Globalization Confernece 2018

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3-Phase Star Delta Starter Motor Control Board with Inverter

Sairatun Nesa Soheli

Last modified: 2018-01-11


Naturally at starting time for every motor need 1.8 to 2 time greater current from normal loaded current, for providing that amount current need some device. There are two methods for starting motor, Star Delta Starting and Auto Transformer starting. Here we use star delta starting method, for better output we also use AC to AC inverter with this method. This paper presents the three phase motor starting process by using 3-phase star delta starter voltage reducing method as well as it also presents that, how can we get the proper output current, voltage,   frequency and  torque by using AC to AC inverter. Also present that, how the way we can get accurate output 3-phase Star Delta starter Motor control Board with using inverter. As well as we will know the way of inverter how to able protect the circuit from over load.