Knowledge Globalization Conference, 13th International Knowledge Globalization Confernece 2018

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A New Topology of High Performance Single Phase AC-DC Boost Converter with PFC Controller

khadiza akter bonna

Last modified: 2018-01-11


Abstract: A new topology of single- phase AC-DC converter using Boost topology with low input current THD and high input power factor is proposed. Instead of using a single phase rectifier followed by a boost DC-DC converter, or using a bridge rectifier with two diodes and two switches, the rectifier’s input is chopped at high frequency during positive and negative cycles by a single switch to get step-up ac-dc conversion. Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of the input current of the proposed circuit is low. Input power factor and the efficiency of the proposed converter are found satisfactory compared to the conventional circuit. Feedback control strategy for PFC is used with proposed converter to improve the input power factor near to unity (0.99) and to keep the input current THD within prescribed IEEE limits. The proposed bridgeless topology is derived from the conventional Boost converters. The proposed scheme demonstrates better performance having low input current THD, high power factor and high efficiency. The controller is designed to achieve the best possible outcome under ideal condition. The input current THD is below 8%. The input power factor is almost unity (0.998). The proposed converter with feedback has offered higher conversion efficiency compared to the conventional AC to DC boost converter. There is no decrease in conversion efficiency due to feedback; rather other performance parameters have improved significantly. The proposed converter with feedback has offered 98% of conversion efficiency.