Knowledge Globalization Conference, 13th International Knowledge Globalization Confernece 2018

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Fostering Sustainable Career Development of Women in Developing Countries: Current Issues and Challenges

Hasanuzzaman Tushar, Dr. Agata Stepien

Last modified: 2018-01-09


Women have broken the four walls and careered occupations literally outside of the home in large numbers since the 1960s. While the number of women joining into the workforce is increasing in all over the world, it is curious to address the question what happens to women who do embark on career ladders and what are the difficulties and challenges they face to develop a sustainable career. Unsurprisingly, women’s career development is currently high on research agendas and received much importance in the west, but has yet to be gotten considerable attention to the scholars in the eastern world especially in less developed countries. This qualitative paper tries to examine the various challenges women face in advancing their careers. The data were collected from several ways, namely, a) carefully selected articles and books, b) focus group discussion, and c) participating in a conference on the similar subject matters. Participants of this paper are highly expert in the selected subjects. The researchers used content analysis of the gathered data and concluded with three themes, including a) zero-sum game of work and personal life, b) socially constructed stereotype gender roles and expectation, c) the glass ceiling effect and male chauvinism in the workplace. Several codes were better explained the issues and challenges under the three themes. The findings may guide organizations to develop and implement policies, strategies and initiatives geared towards attracting, integrating, retaining, supporting and motivating women who are, or wish to be, developed a sustainable career. This study provides researchers and practitioners in various fields of study with implications toward more effectively developing, evaluating, researching, and implementing career development programs for women in developing country context.