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The Knowledge Globalization Institute, Boston, MA and Suffolk University, Boston, MA jointly hosts Knowledge Globalization conferences in Boston and other venues since 2008. 

The Knowledge Globalization Institute, Boston, MA and Suffolk University, Boston, MA have jointly hosted 12 Knowledge Globalization Conferences in Boston (US), Dhaka (Bangladesh), Pune (India), and Istanbul, Turkey, Shijiazhuang, China and Delhi, India since 2008. More than 1500 scholars from 50 countries have attended these conferences.

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Knowledge Globalization Conference 2016

The theme of the conference is “Digital Education for Developing Countries- Education of the Future”.  The future education in developing countries will heavily rely on technology. Mounting demands, escalating costs, and deteriorating quality threaten disastrous consequences for education, especially higher education in developing countries. Lack of resources, weak or no controls for quality, and historical mode of education are sometime blamed for the problems.  These countries have to quickly start the process to prepare for adopting digital education in blended mode and in on-line mode to give quality education to their teeming millions of learners quickly.   This conference will explore many of these issues in depth through paper presentations, plenary sessions, case discussions, demonstrations and training.  Scholars from developed and developing countries are expected to join the conference.  Academics, policy makers, government employees, NGOs, technology vendors,  social thought leaders all will have opportunities  to learn and contribute.

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Knowledge Globalization Conference 2015

Knowledge Globalization Institute organizes conferences to share knowledge across disciplines without geographical boundaries. These conferences bring scholars, thought leaders, and innovators in academia and practitioners together to share knowledge in their respective fields. This sharing of knowledge contributes to new ideas and innovations which are relevant for economic and social changes. Each conference is built around a broad theme.

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Knowledge Globalization Conference 2011-12

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